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FRANK LUCIANO, President/Chief Executive Officer, has over fifteen years of directly related civil recovery experience and knowledge, which he now applies in as the executive in charge of CDA. He has been directly responsible for helping to provide a deterrent to potential losses for retailers nationwide. He has been very active with various retail groups such as the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), National Retail Federation, (NRF), International Mass Retailers Association (IRMA), Retail Special Agents Association. Working with these retail groups has given Mr. Luciano the opportunity to help in passage of various civil recovery laws throughout the United States.

WILLIAM E. MARTIN, Founder/Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Martin served over 25 years with the Los Angeles Police Department where he specialized in the Investigation of Burglary and theft. During his tenure on the Police Department he served on the American Delegation to the International Symposium on theft and illegal trafficking of cultural property held at Interpol Headquarters in Lyon, France. He has been featured as a guest instructor at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia and authorized several articles relating to the theft of cultural property for law enforcement publications. In 1991 Mr. Martin was appointed by President Bush to the cultural property advisory committee where he served until 1996.

NEAL C. TENEN, Attorney at Law, a member of the California bar for over 20 years and currently sits Judge Pro-Tem for both the Los Angeles Municipal and Superior courts. Mr. Tenen is a past trustee of the San Fernando Bar Association and a delegate from the bar to the state bar convention. For the past 10 years he has specialized in civil recovery law and is well known nationally for his expertise in this field. Mr. Tenen provides legal oversight to CDA staff including; legal interpretation of civil recovery statutes, communication with attorneys representing suspects and clients, and the development of the language used in demand letters. He also maintains communication with a wide network of other agencies involved in the civil recovery process, Retail Merchant Associations, Attorneys General's Offices, prosecutors, etc.

GEORGE LUCIANO, Director and Consultant to the Board. George is a former retail Loss Prevention Executive with over thirty years experience in this field and was a pioneer in implementing a successful civil recovery program for his company when the law was enacted in California. George provides marketing and customer service support and is available to CDA's clients to conduct training sessions which address civil recovery and its role on overall loss prevention and shrinkage reduction.

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