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Civil Recovery

CDA will first process retail theft incident and determine if a demand could be made and how much. This is dependent on many factors including the civil statute as well as the retailer’s own policies. Our attorneys will convey your demand to the individual and CDA will handle the administrative aspects of handling phone calls and payments.

Employee Restitution

When a merchant obtain a promissory note or signed admission from an associate, CDA can service the account. Through our attorneys, CDA can also collect a civil demand from the employee if the incident is covered under the appropriate statute.

Court-ordered Restitution

If a retailer obtains court orders for civil restitution as a result of shoplifting or dishonest employee prosecutions, CDA can manage the account and keep the court informed of the status. Although not a major part of most recovery programs, CDA has helped companies handle court-ordered restitution effectively for many years.


Demand Point allows retailers to make a civil demand at the time of apprehension. If you have access to a computer and a printer, you have the ability to initiate your civil demand process IMMEDIATELY. This can minimize any possible bad address cases with integrated address verification. It also has a built in prior offence checking system. CDA will then calculate the proper civil demand, generate a CUSTOM demand notice and send the document back to the user, ready-to-print. Reduced case transmission time will give CDA the added advantage of increasing the commitment to reimburse your organization for any incurred losses.


Manage your civil recovery program from top to bottom in real time. Civil recovery case management done right. Quick comprehensive reporting and easy administration of your system. Enter, edit and view all cases, get current reports by case and payments, manage any number of stores and alignments.

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